MUN First Annual Conference-2013

Hi Dears,

Your mission has been accomplished. However, to benefit from the experience we need to reflect on it. Ms. Dalia, our helper, took the initiative to be the first who writes reflection. Read hers, respond , and then add yours.

P.S. All your videos and pics will be uploaded or linked to this post. Feel free to let your parents reflect as well. They can use Arabic language.






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Meeting with Judge John Azzi


In few words, reflect on the meeting with the judge John Azzi. What’s your impression? What insights have you gained into the project topic “Women empowerment”?

P.S. Feel free to use Arabic or English language while writing your reflection.



MUN Instructional movies and MLA docs


To referesh your ideas, watch the movie below: (commitee debate video) (flow of Debate) (Do’s and Don’ts) (Overview) 

 MLA Template: (from Intel Education)

List of Resources (List of sources/links to help in country and topic research)


SSE_big ideas


After reading the new Social Studies Text, jot down many concepts you think are demonstrated in the selection. The challenge will be crafting big ideas.

I am eagerly waiting to see how creative you are.