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  1. Elders should be treated properly.They are the main blocks of our life.we should hug them,kiss them,And make them feel valued in our lives which they are.

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  3. Dear grade7 students,
    Since ages when people grow old in many parts of the world, their family and friends care for them at home until the end. Nowadays the elderly are more typically sent to an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, a contrast that may appear selfish, uncaring and even callous. This is extremely wrong. Older generations are the main blocks of our generation that we consider as the best. Parents work really hard to insure that their children would grow to become more enhanced and live a life that is better that theirs. They work all their lives to provide their children with a good education accompanied with pleasures. Do the elderly deserve the cruel acts we are doing? Is this how we pay them back for all what they did for us?Our elders have done a lot for us, and we owe them a lot. They were there for us when we were children, when we were sick, depressed…So the least we could do is to be there for them in the weakest stage of their life. Elders have been through all the phases we are going through and know much more about the world than we do. Although we disagree with them most of the time, it is our least duty to give them credit for their experience. They know what it’s like to live through tragedies and triumphs, times of war and peace, both personally and as a member of a society. We should always keep in mind that they are ahead of us in age, maturity, wisdom and experience. Finally, we should treat the elderly with respect. We should look to them as people filled with the knowledge and wisdom of living into old age. We shouldn’t ignore them or their ideas as outdated. We shouldn’t look down on them with pained, sympathetic looks. We should be excited to have the chance to talk to them…to ask them about their lives and their experiences.
    Rayan Bashasha
    Grade 12 :)

  4. Dears ,
    Personally , I treat my elderly like i treat my mother and father. For they have brought our parents to this world and they brought us , so we should at least thank them for that even if they didn’t know it at that time , but they did us such a great and surprising favor for bringing us to this world that we should respect them and hoonor them and that”s exactly what I do!!!!
    Yasmine Osman

  5. Dear Mrs. Huda and classmates,
    We have reached the 21st century, which everything has changed since the day we were born. Our traditions, cultures…everything’s different. These days, most of our parents are suffering from their insolent kids that even don’t respect their grandparents that are way older than they are. These are the people who have raised us, given us love, cried when we cried, laughed when we did, they cleaned us when we could not, they fed us when we were week, they worked long hours so that they could provide us with all our needs.
    It’s a shame that elderly people are abused by their own sons and daughters.
    Following are ALSO forms of abuse of elderly
    *Shouting at them or threatening them.
    *Leaving them alone when they need care.
    And remember, your parents also need some of your time, it’s important for them that you sit with them for a while and talk to them. Elderly should be treated with respect; they’re our parents who raised us. A lot of problems start when men try to pass the “caretaking” duty of their parents to their wives. It is the son’s responsibility to take care of his parents, as it’s the girl’s duty to take care of hers as she can. Troubles happen when the guy feels it’s the girl’s duty to take care of them. Men always think that their wives are much important than their mothers that brought them to life and got tired raising them. She gives him all her love and does her best to make the best out of him to pass the “caretaking” duty to their wives? It’s not his wives who carried him 9 months and took good care of him while being a youth! She sacrificed all her life to let him live a joyful life, but unfortunately, some men just don’t appreciate it! Our mothers surrenders on her husband sometimes to live in different countries to educate us, so we should at least respect her and thank her for gifting us a great life that no one has! We should try our best to respect our elders as best as we can, especially as with old age some tend to get cranky. They deserve a exceptional treatment, for they are the ones who took care of us and spent all their lives looking after us, so we could give them only a whole day out of our week and go check on them. Honestly speaking, I get to visit my grandparents everyday for at least 3 hours since they live underneath us, so I SOMETIMES spend my free time down. 
    We should show then some love by providing them with care and looking after them. They suffered a lot in their lifetime and they really need someone to take care of them and be always beside them. Having someone that lets them feel safe is what makes them glad. We’re not going to lose anything if we stood next to them, for we never know when the time to pass away is; they could leave us anytime, any second, so it’s better if we gave them half our time.
    Some elderly treat their grandkids rudely, but no matter how much they crossed the limits, we SHOULD still revere them. Most elderly will be having health problems that might let them talk rudely to their grandkid. Sometimes you feel that you’re talking to a 5 year-old brain, but don’t take their words into considerations, just let them talk…some children think that “treat people the way they treat you” works on all people, but that doesn’t work on our parents, for you are obliged to respect them no matter what you do no matter how much they pressure you. I know it’s really hard to bite your tongue, but sometimes they get on my nerves and I start pinching my skin to shut up. Although they make me mad, but I have to respect them for my parents’ sake and mine for sure.
    In short, elderly are people who need cooperation, love, and loyalty. They’re the root of our generations. They raised us and deserve our respect. I really believe in this proverb “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated”; if you want your kids to respect you, then respect your parents. I suppose that all kids should respect people who are older than they are, even if they don’t know them.
    Best Regards,
    Nay K.

    P.S: I’m soooooo sorry for being late to respond, but there was a problem with the internet(wasn’t working)from thursday, so I couldn’t do anything about it!
    Plus, I did it on wed., but you didn’t assign the link until thursday!

  6. Dear Mrs. Huda and classmates …..
    Our elderly must be treated well , where we have to sit and talk with them . Also , we must respect them , don’t make fun over them , and take care of them by giving their medicines. Moreover , we must not put them in Old Age Departments , instead we must help them and take them out with us. Finally , our elderly need our help where we can celebrate with them and give them gifts.
    Thank you
    Nour zahra :-D

  7. Dears,
    Since I was a child my grandparents took care of me. They treated me like their kids. When I first,opened my eyes I saw them next to me, mom goes to work and leave’s me at grandma and grandpa’s house. Moreover,I spent most of my time with them. They gave me all their love,respect,and honor. I should reward them by the same thing and more: by doing whatever they want me to do, kiss their cheeks, prepare their delicious meals as they did when I was a child,bring for them a bucket of flower to admire them pleasure in their life . Some times ,my opinion is different from theirs but I should trust their advice because they have been in such an experience. Further more,i should honor the wisdom and the experience of someone from an older generation .
    Best regards
    Leticia :D

  8. Dears,
    I think that our elders should be treated with passion and love. Without them, we aren’t able to achieve our goals, and our lives wouldn’t be full of success and happiness. What we can do is at least respect them even if they were extremely annoying, and to do what they want so they could always be satisfied of who we are. According to me, I give all my care and love to my parents and grandparents. I realized that even a small gesture can make them excited and contented for I gave a call to my grandmother last week and I felt that she wouldn’t be more happy than this. So I am and always will respect my elders for they work hard to make us happy.
    Rahaf Rashidi

  9. Dear Reina
    I think your answer should be about your experience on how you treat your elders even if it’s a negative way. Not giving examples on how we should treat them.
    With love, Housniya J. ;)

  10. Dear Mrs. Huda,
    We must treat our elders in a nice way and always listen to what they say and don’t let them be sad from us. We must give them what they need and don’t treat them in a bad way and stay helping them in any time they need us. We must always be there for them. We must let them feel that we care about them.

  11. Dears,

    According to me, the elders should be treated with respect no matter how annoying they might be. When I was born, I spent 60% of my time at their place because my mom and dad had work. They were the ones that took care of me, fed me, sat beside me, watched TV with me, and played games. That’s why I believe that they should be treated with respect because they truly deserve it. Till now, I still go to their house after school because my mom and dad also have work, and my grandmother is the one who cooks lunch and takes care of us before our parents come to take us home. As for my grandfather, he always sits beside me and starts telling me information and asking me questions about certain things I learn in school. It’s actually a little annoying but it shows that he cares about me. This is why I always try my best to always respect them and help them when they need anything because I know they love me so much and I love them too. :)

    Thank you, Gina K.

    • Dear Gina,
      I totally agree with your point, Cause whether we agree or not, we have to respect our elderly, for they sacrificed all their lives inorder to make us happy, so we should do our best to let them feel glad; and it’s ok, let them ask whatever they want and talk whenever they want to, just don’t let them feel that you’re bored from them sitting beside you all the time!
      Your classmate, Nay k.

  12. dears
    i have my ways for saying i love you and honor my grandparents. by the time i see them ,i quickly give them a hug ,i help them in house work , kiss their hand as hello , smile when they look at me , share secrets for an advice , give them a phone call for showing that i care ,and saying thank you on every thing they did for me . this is how i treat my grand parents and i will stay treating them in this way , because if they didn’t gave birth for my parents then i will not be in this world.
    your friend
    yasmeen sakka

  13. Dear Miss Huda and classmates,
    I think that elders should be treated different than anyone else,because without them, we would have never existed. Nobody knows when these elders will die and leave us, so we should always take care of them, for example, buying them gifts, watering their plants, feeding their fish, kissing their cheeks… We should always hear what our grandparents tell us because they are wiser than we are and they know better. We should always visit our elders at least once a week, since they are old and need some one to help them sometimes.
    Sarah Younes

  14. dear miss huda:
    our elders deserve many good things,for that we should respect them and love them,for example we should :throw for them the garbage,don’t let them feel that we are bore while sitting with them……..,but i don’t do all of these things ,but at least I do some of them.

  15. dear omar your text was great but i should tell you that you made a mistake bysaying that they are in the last stage of there life , its like you are saying that they will die very soon , your not realy shure when they are ganna die only god knows.
    please put that in your mind (being old doesnt mean that you should die soon)
    thank you

    • Dear Daoud ,
      Please use the correct capitilization and punctuation next time!! Be careful okay?! and by the way, you connected “by” and “saying together!!:)
      Yasmine Osman

  16. dear miss hoda
    we shoud treat the elderly with full respect(and by elderly i dont mean those 9th graders and the kids in the older classes i mean those with expirence )and the older they get the more respect and trust they deserve.
    its not important to love them (the elderly could be a stranger) just respect respect them (and dont trust them if they where strangers, they could mean harm)
    and finaly :some elderly are disabled , thats not an excuse not to respect them , you have to help them .

    miss hoda i do all of these things .

  17. We, sons, grandsons, daughters, granddaughters, should always treat our elders, mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, the way we want our children and grandsons to treat us. My grandmother suffers from Alzheimer. Although, she’s kind of annoying by telling the same boring stories for over 10,000 times, I should hear them whether I like it or not. Being tough with our grandparents would make them feel that our parents, who were raised well by them, don’t know how to raise us. All younger generations have always disagreed with their elders and it is these differences that bring changes in human society.

    How you treat others, it won’t be long before you too will be treated in the same manner. Have you heard of the saying, “What goes around comes around”?
    Well, it’s a true fact, and it won’t be long till your old age comes, you too will become less energetic, and you will face memory loss due to your old age.

    Regards, Samar ;D

    • Dear Samar,
      Hahahaha, Almost everybody suffers from this situation. I mean they come and tell you,” Oh I never told you what happened when I was in 5th grader”, and it turns out to be told a 1000 times.Regardless of how much they’re irritating, it’s kinda pleasant to respect and be respected by others. And I really enjoyed reading your view point.
      Regards, Nay :*

  18. Dear Mrs. Huda,
    I think that our elders deserve a special treatment, for they are old and in the last stage of their lives. Consequently, we should take care of them and make them happy all the time. We should visit them at least one time per week, hug them, let them feel that they are relaxed, respect them; do what they want and don’t bother them. They took care of me when I was a child and now it’s my turn to do the opposite. For example, my grandmother asks me to bring for her a cup of water while watching T.V. I don’t start nagging and notify her that I don’t want. However, I quickly rush to the kitchen and do what she wants. Also, I try to make my elders happy by opening conversations and tell jokes. In short, we should honor the wisdom and experience of our elders.
    Omar Yehia

  19. Dear Miss Huda
    I have no grandparents; they all have been died since I was three years old and I didn’t know what to respond.
    With all my love and respect
    Housniya J. :)

    • Dear Hosniya,

      Even though you don’t have any grandparents, you should atleast tell us how you might have treated them if they were still alive. Moreover, it’s not necessary that you only talk about your own grandparents, you can talk about any old person you know.
      P.S: May your grandparents rest in peace. :)

      Gina K.

      • Dear Gina and Miss Huda
        At first, thank you Gina for the good advice; it really helped me.
        Well, if my grandparents were alive I would treat them in the same way I would like to be treated by my grandsons when I become old. For example, bring them water, food….etc. And always visit them and in case I had a situation that prevented me from visiting them, at least call them and make sure they’re ok. We can also listen to them and talk to them and never let them feel bored or they will stop loving us having in their mind the idea of us hating them.
        Well, that’s all I can say for now.
        PS: may our dead grandparents rest in peice too.
        Love Housniya J. :)

    • Dear Housniya,
      Although you don’t have any grandparent, you could tell us how you would be treating them if they were still alive. Tell us how you would feel if you didn’t obey their instructions. Btw, may their souls rest in peace.(F) :)

  20. Dears,
    Our elders are our honor and wisdom in life, without them our life will be unvalued, they’re the experiences if we didn’t respect them then we’re not respecting our family and ourselves. According to me I’m treating my elders in a very well way because they deserve the following valued: care- love-responsibility- respect- honesty –cooperation and loyalty.
    There are many ways to honor your elders and some of these ways are: -visit an elderly neighbor like if its Eid time for sure we should go to our elderly and say for them happy Eid.
    - Hug an elder grandpa example when they’re in need for us being next to them and exchange them our love.
    - Respect them by helping them in house. Often, my grandma ask me to wash the dishes for her for the first time she say that I ignore but then when I think logically I directly go and ash the dishes because she’s an old woman and she may pass in any moment for that I’m obliged to do so.
    - Be honest with them. When they ask me anything I reply seriously and honestly because I can’t lie on them since they’re my elders.
    - Take care of them. Help them when they need to bring a tiny thing I must bring it for them since my body is still maturing while them it’s pathetic so they need our help.
    Never forget that they’re your elders and you may lose them in any second so never try to be sad for them and remember that a small gesture (sign) can have a big impact.
    Best Regards,
    Reina El-Zaybak

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